Data Protection Privacy Notice
(Information about the processing of pupil data)

The All Together programme involves the collection and analysis of data about participating pupils, including a 15 min online bullying and wellbeing survey. The Anti-Bullying Alliance, part of the National Children’s Bureau, has produced this privacy notice to provide parents of pupils with information about the data involved, and their rights in relation to it.
Please note the word “processing” is a broad term that refers to the collection, storage and analysis of data. All data will be processed in accordance with legislation called Data Protection Act, 2018 the UK's implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What are the purposes for processing the data?
To help schools to understand levels of bullying and wellbeing among their pupils, by providing anonymised reports of survey findings

What data are being processed?
The system uses two types of data about your child, which are connected together within the secure system to create a general picture about bullying and wellbeing:
Child-reported surveys: This is to understand how children and young people experiences of bullying behaviours, their wellbeing and how they feel about their school. The questions are outlined in Box 1.
Information that schools already have about pupils: names, pupil ID no, year group, class name, gender, free school meal eligibility and special educational needs status. This is to understand if wellbeing is different for different groups of pupils. This information is encrypted within the secure system and not made accessible to the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

To connect together the two types of data, an anonymised ID number is given to each pupil before they undertake the survey. The resulting survey results comprise anonymised data set that will not include any pupil names.

All data analysis for the purposes stated above will be carried out using the anonymised data set.

How long will the data be processed?
All information related to this survey is securely deleted from system after 5 years or when a school requests for it to be deleted.
The anonymised data set will be kept for 5 years, after which it will be reviewed to determine whether it would be appropriate to delete it. Any analysis of the results will be kept indefinitely.

What allows the data to be processed lawfully?
We are able to process the data on the basis of consent. Consent is being sought from you as parents and carers. Pupil’s consent is also sought before they undertake the survey

Which organisation is responsible for the data?
The organisation with responsibility for processing this data (the data controller) is the National Children’s Bureau, the charity that the Anti-Bullying Alliance is part of.

Who will have access to the data?
The school administrator with log-in details for the system is responsible for uploading pupil data. Thereafter it is encrypted.
The Anti-Bullying Alliance and the school have access to the anonymised data set for purposes of analysis.

The system uses a number of technical and organisational security measures to protect data. The system is hosted by an industry-leading, fully accredited hosting providers in a UK data centre with 24 x 7 x 365 manned security, monitoring, smart card access policies, internal and external CCTV systems. This is topped up by using Firewall, VPN, IP restrictions, endpoint security and applying patches to ensure the infrastructure and data are kept protected at all times. The system is built using industry standard approaches and tested for vulnerabilities by internal team.

Technical and organisational controls protecting personal data include (but are not limited to):
Employee training and awareness
Masking of data
Appropriate removable media handling
Back up processes
Disaster recovery procedures

What rights do I have?
Under the Data Protection Act 2018, you and your child have certain rights, including the right to be informed about who is responsible for processing your data, and the right of access to your data.

If, after your child has taken part, they or you decide that you want us to remove their answers, you can contact us at the school and we can delete your child’s registration, which will also remove their answers. This task cannot be performed by the Anti-Bullying Alliance as they do not manage individual records.
N.B. Please note that requests for deletion can only be made up until July 15th of the academic year in which the child has taken part.

Who can I contact for further information?
With regard to the right of access, if pupils or parents would like to more about the categories of data about them or their child being processed, please contact the Anti-Bullying Alliance at

Questions pupils will be asked in the survey
(These will be presented in a child friendly format online)
Questions about experiences of bullying behaviours

Below is a list of the questions which will be asked of your pupils. This list has been developed after reviews of existing questionnaires and after a piloting with young people.

Section 1: Questions about experiences of bullying behaviours and feelings about school. Response options are ‘Never; A little; A lot; Always’.

I like going to school
Other pupils tease me
I am hit, pushed or kicked by other pupils
Other pupils stop me from joining in during lunch and break time
Other pupils say bad things about me when I’m not there
I get on well with my teachers
Other pupils don’t like me
Other pupils stop me from joining in classroom activities
Other pupils pick on me because I am a bit different
I am called mean names by other pupils
I feel safe at school
I say bad things about other pupils when they aren’t there
I hit, push or kick other pupils
I pick on other pupils
I feel like I belong at school
I call other pupils mean names
I tease other pupils

Section 2: Wellbeing indicators. Response options are, ‘Never, Sometimes, Always’.

I feel lonely
I cry a lot
I am unhappy
Nobody likes me
I worry a lot
I have problems sleeping
I wake up in the night
I am shy
I feel scared
I worry when I am at school
I get very angry
I lose my temper
I hit out when I am angry
I do things to hurt people
I am calm
I break things on purpose

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