Anagh Coar Primary School Admissions Policy
UNCRC: Article 28: Every child has a right to an education.
Registering for Reception Year

In the January prior to the academic year in which a child will have their fifth birthday the Department of Education, Sport and Culture will remind parents through the local press to register their child at the school within the catchment area in which they live.

All children living in our school’s catchment area can come to Anagh Coar Primary School - see map on reverse of policy.

On registration you will be asked to complete a Pupil Record form so that the school holds contact details in order to pass on further information prior to your child starting school.

We will also need to see your child’s birth certificate and proof of address e.g. utility bill, bank statement to confirm your address is within our catchment area.

We ask that your child’s Pre-school Education provider is also provided at this stage so that we can make contact with them for relevant information to help make your child’s transition into school as smooth as possible. We would ask that attendance/involvement with the Pre-School Assessment Centre is also highlighted at this stage.

Pupils are normally admitted to the Reception Class of a primary school at the beginning of the academic year in which they will have their fifth birthday.

Parents do have the right, however, should they wish, to delay their child’s entry to school until the beginning of the term of their fifth birthday.

There is normally only one intake per year, at the beginning of the Autumn Term, and like most primary schools we admit pupils initially on a part-time basis for an induction period. At Anagh Coar this is normally for the first three days of the academic year, following the INSET days in September.

After Easter, in the summer term, letters, prospectus, forms etc. are sent out to ‘new’ parents.

Before your child starts school in the Reception Class you will be invited to an induction meeting where you will be able to meet some of the staff who your child will be working with. At this meeting you will be given further information about the life of the school.

All children, accompanied by their parents, will be invited to attend ‘Stay and Play’ sessions in the summer term before they attend a half day taster session in July on their own.

Transferring/Moving House

Any families moving out of the area may keep their children here or they may transfer them to the school which serves the area they have moved to. Under the ‘sibling rule’ any younger brothers or sisters can be enrolled at Anagh Coar Primary School even if you are living outside the area, provided that you have at least one child at the school.

If your child joins the school at another time in their school career they can also attend visits prior to joining the school if desired. Details of the previous school should be supplied so that contact can be made to transfer any relevant academic information to give them a smooth transition into school.

Secondary schools now have a fixed catchment area also. Anagh Coar Primary School children transfer to Ballakermeen High School when they have finished their primary education in Year 6.

Further information can be found in the Department of Education, Sport and Culture’s Policy and Guidance on Admission to Primary Schools at

Updated: March 2022 Review: March 2023

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