Anagh Coar Primary School
Asthma Policy

Article 23: A child with a disability (medical need) has the right to live a full and decent life with dignity and independence, and to play an active part in the community.
Article 24: Every child has the right to the best possible health.
Article 31: Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities.
In accordance with the School Health Department, the school maintains a register of all pupils diagnosed with asthma. Copies of this list are kept on the staff room notice board, in the school office, in the school kitchen and in the Headteacher’s office.

to encourage and help pupils with asthma to participate fully in all aspects of school life;
to recognise that asthma can be a serious condition affecting many school children;
to provide pupils with immediate access to inhalers;
to strive to ensure that the school environment is favourable to children with asthma;
to help other children understand asthma, so they can support their friends;
to have a clear understanding of what to do in the event of a child having an asthma attack.

Medication and Inhalers
Parents of asthmatic children will be requested to provide the school with a completed Asthma Card on an annual basis or as the condition is diagnosed and the school informed. The record is kept in the school office and details are placed on the child’s school files.
Parents should ensure that the children have two relievers / inhalers, one to be kept in school and one to use on the journey to and from school.
As soon as a child is able, they should be encouraged to keep their reliever inhaler with them at all times.
All inhalers are accessible at all times within school. One inhaler for each child is kept in a box labelled ‘ASTHMA INHALERS’ within each classroom. The individual pupil inhaler pouches and inhalers themselves are named and all staff members know where they can gain immediate access to them.
The bag/box of inhalers is taken on all visits and outings. The class teachers/visit leaders will be responsible for the pupils’ inhalers.
A record of all emergency treatment is recorded in the pupils medication book which is kept in the inhaler box.

P.E and Games
All children with asthma related problems are known by the staff and new staff are introduced to them in order to make sure arrangements are made for keeping the inhalers readily accessible.
Children who have exercise induced asthma and do not have in date inhalers will not be allowed to take part in P.E., Games, Yoga, Swimming or Extra-Curricular Sports Clubs.
Children with exercise induced asthma must have the opportunity to use their inhaler before they start exercise if indicated on the asthma card.
All children with asthma related problems must have their inhalers in P.E., Games, Yoga, Swimming or Extra-Curricular Sports Clubs.
Children who become wheezy during exercise must be allowed to take their reliever inhaler and rest until they feel better.
If a child wheezes frequently after a particular sport, the condition must be noted in the medication book and a copy given to parents.

Parents’/Guardians’ Responsibilities
Parents must inform the school of any asthma related problems which affect their child/children at the start of every school year and update all medical information.
Parents are responsible for providing an inhaler to be kept in school for each of their own children affected by asthma.
Parents must keep the inhalers up-to-date and change them when they are empty or past the expiry date.
Parents must show the expiry date of new inhalers to Tracey (School Administrator) and a list will be kept in the School Office.

School Concerns
School will inform the parents/guardians when the following occurs:
Excessive use of reliever inhaler
No reliever inhaler kept in school
Excessive wheeziness occurs
Inhaler is nearing its expiry date
An inhaler is lost during an outing, swimming or games lesson
An inhaler is broken or ceases to function
The use of a reliever inhaler by the child will be noted in the medication book and parents will be informed if this is frequent or regular so that parents can consult with the asthma nurse.

Additional Points
Anagh Coar Primary School operates a no smoking policy.
A risk assessment is undertaken before any animal is allowed into school.
Staff are aware that some pens, paints and glues can contribute to an asthma attack.
A copy of the school’s asthma policy is available to all staff.
A copy of ‘Asthma - what to do if a child has an asthma attack’ is located in each classes asthma box and also displayed in the Staff Room, School Hall, by the Playground Entrance/Exit and School Office.

Reviewed/Agreed: October 2016 Next Review: September 2017

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