Protocol for home learning during school closure

While your child is off school, teachers have been asked to set a number of learning tasks each week for their respective class, rather than set a timetable with time parameters. Choice over tasks will be encouraged to give pupil’s ownership and to ensure that they can be suitably challenged.

It is important that parents understand that no amount of preparation or resources will replicate the typical school day and any attempt to provide educational continuity will be carried out with the aim of supporting parents in the education of their child as best we can, given the unprecedented situation facing our Island community.

Technology can be a huge enabler for supporting learning whether that is at school or at home. We intend to use this to communicate learning tasks for children to engage with and of course update parents with information and advice.

What parents can expect

Every Monday (starting Monday 30th March) your child’s class teacher will release a weekly plan that will contain a variety of tasks and suggested resources that your child can choose from while they are off.

This will be available to parents on the Class Dojo and Mr Coole will also put it on the School Website each Monday morning for those who may have difficulties with the Dojo at any time. Teachers will contact you via the Class Dojo to advise you of how they are keeping in touch whilst the children are off school. Any messages to class teachers will only be looked at during school hours.

The school will also provide links to any online learning activities that may be worthwhile for the children to do during their time away from school e.g. Joe Wicks’ daily exercise classes, White Rose’s Daily Maths lessons etc.

If there is an urgent concern, please message Mr Coole on the Class Dojo, email or phone the school mobile (470999) during school hours.

Online safety
Many suggested tasks or resources will involve children going online. Children should already be familiar with key messages about staying safe online. Any sustained period of online activity should be monitored. Children also need to be equipped with the tools to ensure that their experience is safe and how to respond should the need arise.

Resources to support online safety can be found at:

Feedback on learning
Teachers will not be expected to provide feedback on all activities provided, although may be able to give a little via the Class Dojo during school hours if learning is shared. Parents are of course encouraged to provide praise and support for their children who are carrying out the tasks provided.